Aug 1, 2008

doing the jig...

Interpretation of my reaction last night (plus or minus an additional 100lbs). press play at your own risk.

Sorry to be so reticent about this, but I've just returned from a quick trip to NYC and will be unveiling some exciting news within the next month or so. Things will be a bit different here and on my site soon, but don't worry it won't be a bad thing.


J-Bo said...


.....So what's the exciting news? Inquiring minds are wanting to know! Are you guys expecting again?

Aaron said...

hahaha! no, no, no... hugo and griffeon are plenty of children.

It's photo career related and such.

so not as exciting as anything like that.

jimmieknuckles said...

i really pictured you as more of a walkenesque dancer (click link)

but i guess maybe your ass got a little flat on the ride home

and three is the magic number my duder,

i blame it on the eccentric oddities store owners ,,today

Aaron said...

I can't try to pretend I am as cool as Walken. I'll be more honest and go with the big guy in the boxers.

3 or 5 or 7?

speaking of eccentric oddities... what about that 1920's era 6-piece anal dilator set? could've been a future cinemascape prop for sure???

jimmieknuckles said...

thats the magic number, for kids, for family, for sketchy dudes from jersey to have branded into their neck, (ever noticed that)

yeah, theres magic in three

is it wrong that i looked at that set and thought "pffft i can take it"

Paul said...

Yep, I'm curious as to what the news is too. Whatever it is I hope it's good news and more people get chance to see your work in person.

When are you going to be in mainland Europe?


Aaron said...

it is good news. pretty much involving big NYC gallery and cinemascapes.

And I definitely want to schedule a show in mainland europe for '09. I'll start networking that now paul. ;)

Cahya said...

It's funny.
Nice to see your blog.