Aug 25, 2008

The closest I'll ever get to a McClaren

"newcarscape" (yeah, I know. Who drives a sports car in flip-flops? Apparently only me?!)

It's not as fast as my favorite Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton's McClaren, but it does take well to these curvaceous mountain roads that I have to drive daily.

It also fulfills the wonderful tagline from Cadillac (although it aien't a caddy) for me...

"When you turn your car on, does it return the favor?"


Jonathan said...

You're too young for a mid-life crisis, bro!

Aaron said...

unless I die at 60!

jimmieknuckles said...

if this thing makes it up the hill, im going to feel like such a girl for not getting my being able to get ours in the driveway

congrats my duder

good deal

Aaron said...

ahhh...when you got your little car stuck coming up the hill to my house last winter? haha, that was fun.

This would probably make it weighing in at a little over 3,000 lbs.(your car was half that?). I'm gonna slap some 16" rims with full snow tires on there for the frozen months. But after big storms, I'll probably drop the wife off at work and take the 4wd truck.