Jul 22, 2008

Jackanory shot himself...

© Andrew Hetherington, artist with Amy Elkins

Andrew Hetherington has an ongoing series of SP's of himself and his favorite photographers. And no, I am not on his list of high photographer society. I just don't get no love from these big city photographers, not even at the NY photo awards amongst the other hundred nominees. I guess I just needs to get me a cell phone, maybe a bluetooth thingy, and purchase some tightass jeans and then everything will be just peachy. But I digress...

Here is the only online source of these images I could find. I really like being able to put a face to all the names I've seen or talked with via cyberspace. I wish I could find more from this series to see more of the photographer's I enjoy and perhaps get some fashion cues for my opening in LA. But I really really was planning on going with the look of "the dude" from the Big Lebowski, since that is my normal attire up in these parts and is most comfortable.

Hetherington's "I heart photographers"


Amy Elkins said...

that's me. funny thing is... i don't own a black berry or butt tight jeans.. but my cell phone certainly comes in handy for getting and making calls (especially for jobs and print sales)

The story about how i got onto his list is pretty funny. but to make you feel better about not being on the list... it involved being at the same place, same time, add booze and i finally asked "what gives with never having girls in your photos" so he said "alright.. let's go" and there you have it. I asked. i received.

ps- just check his archives for many many many more of those images from his collection.

Aaron said...

Haha! I know that's you Amy, I chose your shot, cuz I dig your stuff. The comment about my perception of the majority of photographers I saw at the NY photo awards after party may have come across as a caption or directed at you. [insert apology here]. It was a general statement, feel free to comment about plaid wearing, wool sock sporting, lumberjacks of the North Country if you like?

Yeah, I got the whole ask and receive thing, but my wife and I were too stunned like drunk deer in the headlights at that after party (i.e. same place, same time, add booze) to converse. Coming from a town of 3,500 people 3 hours prior to that scene was bizarre!

Amy Elkins said...

no apology needed.. I'm very familiar with the majority you are speaking of. It leaves me felling very un-hip at a lot of photo outings. I didn't even get nominated so congrats to you for making it that far! I was at some NY Photo Fest things but didn't end up at the awards party.

Paul said...

Whatever you wear Aaron, it should definitely be something comfortable. There is nothing worse than being at an event not feeling right and you wouldn't be yourself.

It's great to be able to read your Blog as I missed your comments when you had your Barkeater stream on Flickr

Keep up the great work.

Paul (ffb_joycey on Flickr)

jimmieknuckles said...

for some reason, i think, that ,

no shirt,
pajama pants, and a cowboy hat, would be perfect attire for the l.a. opening