Jun 24, 2008

ghosts, gadgets & graves

"Sam's Room"

A little short story involving a recent editorial assignment involving a haunted house.

This past Sunday I ventured up to Hopkinton, NY in St. Lawrence county. Hopkinton makes my little village look like a metropolis. Lots of Amish, buffalo farms, and corn. The story I was covering was about a family (very "normal" family I might add) that was being constantly visited by something/someone. Unbeknown to the owners, their charming little house was built on the village cemetary after it moved across town in the early 1900's. Trouble is, they only moved the headstones and not the bodies. The owners unfortunately had the gruesome task of discovering this when digging for a new septic tank a few years back. A few bodies were dug up in that process. It was quite creepy standing in their dirt floor basement considering that it was 4-5 feet underground, which would mean you might be standing only inches above a half dozen caskets at any given time.

So long story short. I had a night full of electro poltergeist that evening. The first electronic glitch came that night when my ipod touch refused turn on. I plugged it in to the charger and noticed it had more than half of it's battery power? So I unplugged it. It shut off again and would not work unless it was plugged into the charger. Same exact thing happened to my cell phone as well. No power at all unless plugged in. It also had 3 bars of juice.
On top of those two individually bizarre incidents, my CPU was acting like a total ass. Which as some of you may know, is not completely uncommon for an Adobe product to crash or a CPU to run sluggish, but it was nonstop. Even after reboot it was glitchy and sluggish.

Coincidences? perhaps. You can call me crazy, but I am very receptive and open to all things spiritual and found the experience to be completely fascinating. Not scary or spooky, but fascinating. Just to think that some spiritually induced electric current enter my personal items and followed me all the way home is pretty exciting.

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Steven said...

Dooo do doooo do, dooo do doooo do. (Twilight Zone music)

Interesting story, cool ass pic.