Jun 28, 2008

London exhibition prints for sale

I am selling a few previously shown 40" c-prints from my inventory that are looking for a good home. These were the prints that I carried to the airport in Boston, through the crowded tube stations in London and finally to the gallery for the exhibit. These were not framed or mounted for this particular exhibit (last minute show), they were sandwiched between plexi and foam core. Thus, there is minor "roughness" in a few tiny spots on the black widescreen borders of the prints. This can easily be repaired simply trimming 3/8" off of the black border or by overmatting.

These are not being sold as part of the limited edition series. The labels will be signed along with gallery name and show dates only. These are the only 6 available from that exhibit.

Get'em while they're available.

London Tenderpixel Gallery Exhibition Prints
40" c-prints
$250 + shipping

"gatemouth" SOLD

"a long, cold night" SOLD

"64 mercury" SOLD

"answer the fucking phone"

"season of fall" SOLD

"dinner" SOLD


jimmieknuckles said...

season of fall is mine, consider it called

Aaron said...

going once...twice...

Aaron said...

I believe that is sold.

and "dinner" is almost out the door too...

so that leaves:

"a long cold night"
"answer the fucking phone"
"64 mercury"

jimmieknuckles said...

going like hotcakes,

with bacon

Paul Denoly pmldenoly@hotmail.com said...

I woudl like to purchase 64 mercury! Awesome photographs!! There are others I woudl also like to get. what is the best way to contact you?

Mollie said...

I'll take "gatemouth".

Aaron said...

hey Mollie,

very cool blog! love the graphs. I will be subscribing to your blog.

oh, but send me a personal email or something...you left no contact info.