May 29, 2008

Justine Reyes

Before I introduce you to Justine Reyes, I'd like to point out a trend I have recently noticed. Being ever so watchful for self portrait photography and finding new ones, I have discovered that a vast majority tend to be female... Cindy Sherman, Francesca Woodman, Kate Pollard, and Susanne Junker to name a few off the top of my head.

Maybe it's just me? Maybe there are more men than women? I'd like to research this more and if that is indeed the trend, I'll have to spark a conversation on here to rationalize why that is?


That being said, here is the work of Justine Reyes... You can find her images scattered about after a google search, but there was no real homepage for her.

There is power in the photographs of Justine Reyes. Behind their veils, these women are hauntingly ancient and sexual. Pantyhose fetish takes on the proud, dark eroticism of Spanish Baroque. The eyes are piercing and provocative. Through gauzy nylons and lace, they peer with unblinking directness wantonly out at any taker. —She is your willing victim, perhaps, who owns you; or the one who will kill you, slowly, to your infinite pleasure.

“The mystery that the veil or mask creates,” says the artist, “is one that is highly sexualized. There is a tension created by veiling. Some people are afraid of not knowing what lies beneath the veil. In this work, I use the mask to explore issues of identity, veiling and the gaze in relationship to power and sexuality.”


Em said...

Could it be that maybe (though this could be a distinctly American deal) it has always been that girls/women are assumed to be or, one could argue (again, the American thing) feel forced to be focused on their appearance?

Aaron said...

I'm still thinking about it em... I might post about it soon. But your idea could very well be one of the antagonist for the female self portrait?