May 20, 2008

Boots of Spanish Leather...

This is the final article in the May Issue of Urban Salir (An arts & entertainment magazine from Spain). I like how they layed it out into the 3 categories of my cinemascapes for each spread after the intro.

I am working on translating this, but Babelfish is completely retarded. This is what babelfish tells me that the second paragraph says:

With multisides, axes, corpses, or an uncle that smoke blood-stained and so cool next to a leg that it shows by a sweepings stock market. So the artist is a psychopath that exorcises its crimes photographing the destructions? You could think that yes, since this thirtyish New Yorker, in addition, it is almost the unique model in his compositions.

Unless they are very cryptic writers, I think Babelfish has a long way to go with their software.


Anonymous said...

That spread is incredible Aaron...and I got to witness the junkyard c-scape shoot first hand...still sworn to secrecy! Man I dig the angle, the curve of that car, and the way you worked yourself into the shot...sick Aaron.

And by the way, that winterscape with the house and shed...I think possibly your best work...the snow and sky are like nothing I've seen on film and the narrative equally strong...honestly don't know how you pulled that one off.

And I ment to respond several posts back...but yes, anytime you want to shoot, I'm ready...let's go. Been exploring Bloomingdale Bog a lot alien looking place in a lot of ways.


Aaron said...

Thanks James. I love the design of the article, it is really well done.

As soon as this second ending of winter passes we should plan a hike.

p.s. you'll probably recognize the locale now that I mention it, but that winterscape is the woodshed (right) and homestead (left) of John Brown.

jimmieknuckles said...

thats some really good stuff man,
i mean i cant understand a word of it, but i wouldnt imagine theyd lay out some fancy jams like that, then talk smack.


"Old John Brown’s body lies moldering in the grave,
While weep the sons of bondage whom he ventured all to save;
But tho he lost his life while struggling for the slave,
His soul is marching on."

Aaron said...

Yeah, I got's to get translation.

But speaking of that John Brown song, check out this award winning student film that plays that song in it. Oh, and I am the playing the bit role of the "dead body" in the film. I guess they've seen my work and thought I'd fit the part?

It's Pretty funny (dark humor) film with a real cool group of kids from Syracuse Univ.

Aaron said...
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Aaron said...

forgot link to video:

"marching on"

Patty M. said...

an uncle that smoke blood-stained and so cool next to a leg

That's you, baby, that's you ;)

Aaron said...

elephilelephi (or something like that?)...!

Long time no hear or see! Nice to hear from ya' and thanks for dropping by.

R.H.I. said...

reading this post made me start my day with some good old acid bath... i mean, come on... "With multisides, axes, corpses, or an uncle that smoke blood-stained and so cool next to a leg that it shows by a sweepings stock market" ... could be straight out of one of dax riggs old brugmansia-influenced lyrics...

anyways... great to see you get the coverage you deserve man!