May 22, 2008


"scurry up" (click to widen) part of the dark series

One of the interesting things that I get from shooting cinemascapes, besides satisfying my thirst for creativity, is the adrenaline I actually get when I am shooting one.

I tend to shoot on Private property or in "posted" areas. Sometimes in public, and sometimes naked in public (see above photo). Other times in just downright creepy places that give me the heebie-jeebies. In all of these cases I usually shoot fast and my heart races as I race to get the shot, put my clothes back on, run to the camera to check playback, etc... It all happens so fast it is a rush just making one.

Maybe I should start skydiving next?

note: as a 4' wide print you can scan the incredibly clear river for fish! It is between 2' - 3' deep where you can see all those rocks. But since this is not 4' wide on your screen, I'll spare you the excitement and say that I don't think there were any?


Steven said...

Ahh, yeah! That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

...dig the way the water changes as the eye moves from one side of the bridge to the other...transparent, then black, then reflecting shore, and finally reflecting white sky at left and Aaron#2 at right...also like the exaggerated curve of the bridge, a favorite aspect of your style for me...nice.


Aaron said...

thanks Steven/James.

@ James... Aaron #2 had to run back up on the bridge, across the road, and down the other bank. From where he proceeded to point the remote and click 20-30 times. Then upon returning to camera found that I had only hit the sensor once. But it was all I needed. I was surprised it even worked that far?! I was at least 50-75 yards away. Maybe the water helped the laser beam travel further? But it was definitely one of those times I wish I had someone with me.