Apr 23, 2008

to manipulate or not?

is it wrong to manipulate? I'm not sure why it would be? everyone else seems to be doing it.

There was an amazing sky today at lunch, so I took a panoramic of it. Then I
roughly placed it into an image of mine that had ample headroom and I must admit that I like the outcome. I love the "ultra" real or 3d-like quality it adds to the image. Plus, I took both photographs, so I don't feel bad about a fake final scene. Bear in mind, this was roughly put into position...the proportion and angle and stitching would need refinement of course, but you get the gist of it.


Steven said...

Wrong? Please. They've been doing it with photography and film since the medium began. With you skills, hellz yeh.

Anonymous said...

Exactly...if forced to critique the original, maybe the sky could pack more punch...of course I never even noticed this until seeing today's alternative, probably becasue I'm more into the small details/narratives in your work anyway...but you're right, this new sky makes that narative pop doesn't it!

Part of your skill as an artist includes having the ability to imagine, capture, and then pull this off in the first place...no such thing as wrong unless you say so...it's your world...


jimmieknuckles said...

i fear change

Luis said...

No! don't manipulate! That is bad! just shot reality!

Just kidding :) I think if you are a story teller then you should manipulate and use all that is at your hand to tell the story, if you don't have the money to do a big production like using big lights to light your set, then use your tools, like photoshop.

Keep doing your great work.

-Luis Montemayor

Katy said...
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Katy said...

A couple of years back when the Americans bombed Iraq a photographer working for routers captured the explosion. He then added more smoke to the image using the photoshop clone tool(really, really badly I might add!). He got his ass well and truly kicked for it and was fired, quite rightly so. I think that this is a prime example of when manipulating an image is not acceptable, press photography should be an accurate portrayal of what actually happened. It's not a creation, it's a documentation.

In your case, you're documenting what your imagination is creating. It is yours do with what ever you wish, I struggle to see how any part of that could ever be wrong.


Inishi said...

Lets look around, at the posters, at newspapaers, adverts. All images surrouding us are highly manipulated, more fake, more unnatural, more dream like, means that more people would buy them, because we just like good loking things, this is the dream world we would love to live in. So, Aaron sell me some more dreams please :) Trully inspiring pice of work, anyway. Thanks.