Mar 30, 2008

I shot myself today...

...for the first time in weeks. It's been dreadfully cold (below zero) and the snow and ice are absolutely refusing to melt. Today was very spring-like and I basked in all it's glory. These might be the last 2 for the winter series?

"longer days" (click for larger)

"birdbath" (click for larger)


James said...

These are great Aaron...I especially like the warm "yellow" light and use of shadow in "longer days" it just me, or does the light from deep winter seem much "colder"?...more of a "blue/white" you captured in some of your earlier shots mid-winter. Your role in "longer days" captures the intensity of emotion as warmth creeps back into the sunlight this time of year. Very nice...

"Birdbath" is great as well, and as part of this winter series it suggests a return to warmth/renewal after a long, cold winter...though that water is still damn cold! The contrast between shadow and intense light here is great as well. And I dig the glimpse of graffiti in the background/shadows.

I think this winter serie, missing fingers aside, captures the story of the northcountry winter in a way I have never seen before...well done Aaron.


Aaron said...

Heya James.

"intensity of emotion" indeed. I'm sure if you were in town (not on the road, as you tend to be) yesterday, you too felt the spring air and warmth! It was a great day to go picturing and to capture that feeling.

Now if I can just get a cinemascape with the home fuel delivery man, I will have perfectly captured a northcountry winter.

thanks for stoppin' by.

jimmieknuckles said...

pssssst no northcountry winter is complete without the "drunk in a snowbank"

Aaron said...

Mr. Knuckles.

Indeed... and believe it was drunk in a snowbank, stands up, drunk in a snowbank, stands up, drunk in snow, stands up... and then repeat a few more times.

I felt only slightly sorry for him. You have to share that video if it turned out good.

Steven said...

Alright! Good to see Hobson in the web world again. Good stuff, Aaron.